Hard Drive Destruction with Royal Document Destruction

How to Dispose of Old Hard Drives

Document Destruction

If you’re a packrat and don’t mind keeping old computers, especially if you keep them locked up, chances are, no one will steal the data off them. However, most people don’t want that stuff cluttering up their homes, so they throw the computers in the dump. However, that is not the best way to practice identity theft protection, even if you wiped those hard drives. The best way to make sure your identity doesn’t fall into the hands of an unsavory character is to use Royal Document Destruction’s secure hard drive shredding services. The only other way to render the data inaccessible is to take it to the range and shoot it until it’s demolished in a bazillion bitty pieces.


Media Destruction with Royal Document Destruction

What is Media Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction, NAID

Your media – hard drives, USB drives and other digital storage media, all contain confidential information about you, or if you own a business, your clients. Throwing old computers and digital media out is like handing an identity thief the universe. Hard drive shredding and other media destruction keep thieves from accessing data on your digital media. Royal Document Destruction has mobile equipment that can “shred” all of your digital media.


What is a Certificate of Destruction

NAID Certification

When you retain Royal Document Destruction to shred your confidential documents and digital media, you are retaining a company that gives a Certificate of Destruction each time you have something shredded. NAID provides the certificate of destruction for shredding services companies who follow the strict confidentiality laws, including HIPAA and FACTA. NAID audits any company belonging to the organization — with scheduled and surprise audits — to ensure that the companies are properly training their employees and are meeting the requirements of these federal laws.


Secure Shredding with Royal Document Destruction

How Secure is Shredding?

Document Destruction, Business Shredding

If there’s one thing that can help protect sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands, it’s by properly handling document destruction. For most people, this means using a shredder. As a business owner or individual, shredding is more secure than any other technique when done properly. If you’re responsible for the disposal of confidential data, chances are you’ll need a secure shredding company to keep things regulated, and in compliance with federal rules. Even as an individual, when the timeframe for keeping certain documents is over, shredding them by using a professional company is the best way to ensure those documents are completely destroyed. Businesses use retention schedules to make sure the documents are kept and shredded within the legal timeframe. This helps with potential space issues and in having your documents in a non-secure place.


Tax Season: How Long Do I Keep My Documents?

Document Destruction, Business Shredding

Tax season is upon us again, and that means tons of tax documents for individuals and businesses. You have to figure out which of those tax documents to keep and which ones to destroy. Throwing them in the trash, especially documents with birth dates and social security numbers on them, leaves a gold mine for identity thieves. And, if you are a business, you could face fines and may have to pay out settlements if your clients’ data gets into the wrong hands.


Shredding Keeps You Safe During Tax Season

Document Destruction, Business Shredding

You do have to keep tax records for some time — three to seven years. However, once the retention period expires, you should shred the returns with a document destruction company that offers secure shredding. Your tax returns have a lot of personal information that identity thieves can use to steal your identity, including your social security number, name, address, your dependents, and even your income. Secure shredding is part of data protection, as is shredding old hard drives and other digital media that contain personal information.


Royal Document Destruction and NAID

Why Shred with a NAID Certified Company

NAID Certification, NAID

The National Association for Information Destruction gives NAID certification to document shredding companies who comply with data protection laws. NAID, formed in 2000, does scheduled and surprise audits on shredding companies to ensure that they are in compliance with the data protection laws. In addition to the audits, companies who wish to be NAID certified must give the organization proof of their written procedures and policies for employee training, regulatory compliance and incident response preparedness. NAID also provides access to the results of the audits.


Royal Document Destruction No Contact Shred Bags

Steps to Take While at Home

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During the coronavirus pandemic, you should be sheltering in place — and are probably bored out of your mind. Spring cleaning is done and there’s not much more you can do to keep occupied other than watching TV, reading or working on hobbies. To break up the monotony, declutter your files. Now would be the perfect time for you to tackle that job, and once you go through and create a box of documents you no longer need, call Royal Document Service for no-contact mobile shredding services. Shredding anything with personal information on it significantly reduces the risk of identity theft.


Royal Document Destruction Safety Meeting

COVID-19: Our New Best Business Practices for Hygiene

Document Destruction, COVID19, COVID
  • Our plant manager is taking the temperatures of the entire RDD staff every morning
  • Drivers are required to wear masks to all customer facilities
  • Drivers are disinfecting their trucks at the end of each business day
  • Drop off customers are all required to wear a mask at all times in our office
  • Our office staff will put on masks when a customer or visitor enters the building
  • Our staff is encouraged to wear masks, and we have provided masks to our entire staff
  • We have provided disposable gloves to our employees
  • Our warehouse floor has been marked with x’s for effective workspace social distancing
  • All staff meetings are taking place outside in our plant so that we can maintain appropriate 6-foot distancing at all times
  • The breakroom has a maximum capacity of 2 people now so that 6-foot distancing can be maintained
  • The staff must use disinfectant cleaner after they eat or use the break room and disinfect anything that they touched
  • Our offices are being cleaned nightly, including sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces
  • Door knobs and other high touch surfaces are being cleaned multiple times throughout the day
  • Hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and antibacterial cleaners are located at various locations throughout our facility so that they are very convenient to use
  • The shred containers are being disinfected after being emptied when they come back to our facility
  • There are signs up and around the office reminding the staff to wash their hands frequently, maintain a 6-foot distance from others at all times, use good hygiene, not to touch their faces, and to stay home if sick
  • Our occupancy is below the 50% allowed rate at all times.