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One of the biggest myths around is that shredding documents will keep information safe. It really depends on the type of shredding that takes place. Having documents professionally shredded will help alleviate data breaches because they use commercial shredders designed to add an additional layer of protection to the document destruction process. Many people don’t realize that hard drives need to be shredded as well. Being educated on what needs to be shredded professionally can alleviate a lot of headaches down the road.


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No matter what the protocol is at your office, almost all businesses are guilty of letting the clutter pile up over time. Busy office managers and supervisors swear they'll get to it soon, but that day takes months to actually come around. If you're like most companies throughout the US, you likely start clearing everything out either at the very end or very beginning of the year. But ideally, you should be decluttering throughout the year rather than waiting for it to pile up — and it's not just because everyone in the office will work better when they're not distracted by clutter. If you want to stay compliant with state and local laws, you need to be getting rid of sensitive information so there are fewer chances of a security breach.